Hi, we’re Costa

When it comes to Mush-Boom, we’re the brawn behind the spawn – but that’s just part of our story.

We’re Australia’s leading grower, packer and marketer of fresh fruit and veg. From our farms to your table, we’re on a mission to nourish Aussie families at every meal.

We started life as a local fruit and veg shop in downtown Geelong, and have grown into a large-scale operation responsible for providing nutritious, healthy food to Australians right across the country. This is the heart of who we are, the heart of well grown.

As times change, we’ll continue to draw on our roots and stay true to our values – dealing with challenges and adapting to a new future of farming. This will mean working together in changing climates to keep producing food that’s fresh, affordable and nutritious.

We’re on a mission to celebrate well grown while setting the standard in sustainable commercial farming. It’s all part of sharing healthy food on a scale that’s large enough to nourish Australia and beyond.

Together we’re growing a future of real food. That’s Aussie Grown, by Costa.


We’re proud to hold HACCP, Codex HACCP and SQFS Institute standard accreditations. 

Our carefully-managed crops and growing practices are tended by a team of highly-skilled and committed growers who all believe in the importance of providing people with fresh, clean produce that’s too good not to eat.