Mushrooms are a good news story when it comes to sustainability!

Mushrooms are grown indoors, all year-round in beds of composted material made from agriculture and livestock waste. The great news is that once we complete our harvest, the compost is returned to the earth, right back where it came from with a little extra goodness.

Utilising vertical farming as our growing method, its an efficient way to produce a high volume of mushrooms, in a relatively small space with the example used that 1 Hectare of land can produce approximately 252 Tonnes of mushrooms per week.

Additionally, when we harvest mushrooms from the beds, we cut off the stems ready for packing. The stems are collected and used in horticulture and to feed livestock providing a nutrient rich food source to feed off.

Water used in production during the watering process is collected and recycled onsite at Mernda through our water recycling plant to ensure no environmental spillage occurs.

As we continue to evolve and re-invest in our farming techniques and practices, sustainability is a high priority on our agenda so that we can grow good healthy food that’s gentle on the planet and super healthy on our plate.

Packaging sustainability

The battle between food waste, food safety and packaging is one that we are committed to solve. Mush-Boom uses 100% recyclable packaging where possible to pack and distribute around the country.

The consumer shift towards pre-packaged mushrooms is significant of recent times, particularly with food safety and hygiene a high priority, convenience, ease and simply balancing the wallet when it comes to cost. Equally high on the agenda is providing consumers with a great experience with Mush-Boom from purchase through to home life to minimise food waste.

Our pre-packaged mushrooms are transported in recyclable carrier trays, our mushrooms are packaged into PET recycled materials with plans to move to RPET (recycled PET) in the near future.

The stretch wrap and labels are the components which end up in landfill making up a very small percentage of the packaging material used.

Committed to finding the best ways to deliver the best quality product for Australians to enjoy, we are on a mission to ensure that Sustainability through our supply chain to the end consumer remains high on our priority without compromising the experience with our mush-booms.