Mush-Boom is on a mission to encourage children to eat a healthy balanced diet starting with mushrooms!

Why you ask? **Mushrooms are power packed with vitamins and minerals, are a good source of B Vitamins for a healthy mind, mood and energy and contain antioxidants which are great for our immune system will thank us for. **(as part of a healthy and balanced diet).

We’ve developed these mini mushroom growing kits using our own unique compost blend of natural agricultural ingredients, the same compost used on our farms to grow mushrooms.

Designed to teach children how to grow, harvest and then consume mushrooms is our ambition.

Schools can apply for these kits via the contact us section on this website. Please ensure you note your school name, location, contact details and quantities required in your email. We will review all applications and confirm availability as soon as possible.

Given these are hand-made, we do have an annual allocation of kits available by application.

Below you’ll see the process from growing through to harvest.

We also have downloadable instructions if you would like to know more.

Don’t forget to share your Mush-Boom progress #GROWINGMUSHBOOM