Who’s behind the boom?

That would be us, Costa. We’re a company committed to growing fresh, tasty and nutritious produce for Aussies to take home. We’re an enthusiastic bunch, passionate about growing quality funghi for your fridge.

We created Mush-Boom because we believe mushies deserve their time in the spotlight. And Aussies deserve to know just how wonderful the humble mushroom can be, given the right kind of love in the kitchen (or outside on the barbie!)

We’re committed to making healthy living not just simple, but enjoyable – delicious even.

Is it a fruit? Is it a veggie? No, it’s a funghi! And it’s packed to bursting with nutritional superpowers (similar to those found in meat).

Our Mission

For too long, the mushroom has been underappreciated.

Left out of shopping trolleys. Passed over on pizzas. Stood aside in salads.

Australia, it’s time for change. The mushroom needs a spokesperson, and we’re spreading the word about the pure pleasure of our locally grown, hand-picked mushrooms.

We want to inspire the shopping habits and up-end in the dinner plans of a nation.

The spectacular taste and texture. The amazing health helps. The way it makes you feel like a master-chef when you chop them up.

We’re for mushroom burgers on meat free Monday.

Mushrooms salads on lazy summer Sundays. Mushrooms in sauces, on steaks and in spaghetti. Hell, we’re for mushrooms at 2am after a big night out. Boom.

It’s time to send in the mushroom to rescue your meals from boring.