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Proudly Australian Grown!

We’re here to show Australia how mushrooms make being healthier, simpler. By adding our hand-picked, locally grown mushrooms it’s easy to add flavour and nutrition to any meal.

Grown locally in Vic, SA & WA, 365 days a year in temperature controlled growing rooms, we nurture and carefully handpick over 20 million individual mushrooms per week!

The entire growing process is in our hands which means that only the best quality mushrooms are grown for Australians to enjoy.

Fun Facts
About Mushrooms

A serve of mushrooms provides less than 1.5% of your daily Kilojoules to bulk up meals without the added Kilojoules.

Source of B2 to help transport iron around the body, releases energy from food & essential for a healthy nervous system.

Mush-boom mushrooms are on a mission to naturally power up your meals with guilt free goodness.

Low in fat and kilojoules means that you can bulk up your meals with mushrooms to keep you fuller for longer.

Mushrooms are naturally low in sodium which is essential to maintaining heart and overall health.

Mushrooms provide 15% RDI of selenium a powerful antioxidant essential for a healthy immune system and healthy cells.

Latest News

1 Dec, 2020
Why mushrooms are the only meat substitute worth considering

There’s never been a better time to get cooking with mushrooms, the meat-free alternative you didn’t see coming

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Can mushrooms pass the 15-minute dinner challenge?

Mushrooms are quick and easy to cook with – the hardworking little flavour saviours that every time-poor cook deserves!

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25 Nov, 2020
New voice for mushrooms to help grow industry blasts off with kabob inferno

In November, Costa launched Mush-Boom, a consumer-facing advocacy brand created to encourage Australians to eat […]

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