New voice for mushrooms to help grow industry blasts off with kabob inferno

In November, Costa launched Mush-Boom, a consumer-facing advocacy brand created to encourage Australians to eat more mushrooms. But throw away any thoughts of ribbon-cuttings or toothpick taste-testers in the supermarket aisle. This is no typical brand launch. 

With this launch, you’ll literally feel the boom. Enter, the Shish-kaBoom mushroom kabob, the spiciest thing to throw on your barbecue this summer. A tear-jerker, heart-pumper, sweat-inducer of a shish-kabob that will have you reaching for the milk, yoghurt, heck, anything you can get your hands on, within seconds of it hitting your mouth. 

With its scorching mix of sriracha, chilli and ground pepper, this skewered mushroom bad boy is set to blow your mind, mouth, and perhaps a little bit of dignity. Insert mind blown emoji here! 

Costa created the recipe specifically for the launch of Mush-Boom and for those game enough to try it, it’s likely to leave a lasting impression. Check out the recipe (if you dare). Shish-Kaboom Mushroom Kabob

Two and a half years in the making, the Mush-Boom brand hits media, supermarkets and independent grocers across the country with said spicy recipe, launch campaign, quirky logo and playful personality. The brand focuses on highlighting the versatility of each mushroom type, backed by a website loaded with recipes, information and inspiration dedicated to rescuing your meals from boring.

“Costa represents up to 45 per cent of the Australian mushroom market, so if we don’t become the ambassador for the mushrooms we grow who will,” says Costa Group Marketing and Innovation Manager – Mushroom Category, Elisa Siliato.

Ms Siliato says the past decade has seen a plateau in buying behaviour.

“Our research looked into barriers to buying mushrooms and a big theme that emerged was lack of education and know how with mushrooms,” she says.  

“With Mush-Boom, we’re going to show everyone just how delicious they are, how versatile they can be, and highlight how incredibly good for you they are.” 

The Mush-Boom campaign centres around adding ‘boom’ to your food — and not just the incredibly spicy kind! Mush-Boom is about rescuing meals from boring with taste, nutrition and fun. 

And as we move into summer, Costa is calling on Australians to make room for mushrooms on the menu. 

“Especially on the barbie this summer — they have such a huge role to play in levelling up nutrition at breakfast, lunch or dinner,” says Ms Siliato.

“This is a seriously underrated food, and a bit of education for consumers, encouraging them to eat more, will not only make a difference to our health and wellbeing, but it will make sure we have a mushroom industry for years to come.

“This is the beginning of the mushie movement. Here comes the boom!”

For more information, contact the team at Mush-Boom.